The VendCasa Realty Origin Story

It started with a simple idea. “Imagine if we started our own brokerage, kept costs super low, utilized every available technology, passed those savings on to the customer, AND donated some of every commission to local charities?”  We decided to design the company around our own experiences and how we wished the real estate process would work. We’ve both been inspired by companies like TOMS Shoes and Warby Parker glasses (Note: I love their products but have absolutely no relationship with them), who operate on the 1 for 1 model.  For every pair of shoes or glasses you buy, they donate a pair to a person in need. We could do that, we thought.

We have a real HQ now, but VendCasa Realty was born that day, for people like us.  People who want more money in their pocket but don’t want to compromise on the customer experience.  People who want to feel good about selling their home, knowing that they are directly helping families in their community by using VendCasa Realty.  If this sounds like you, shoot us an email, or a text, or a FB message, or a Snap, or an instagram DM…you get the idea.