Where We Give

10% of our commission from each deal goes to a local charity focused on assisting needy individuals and families with housing.  We are currently donating to the wonderful charities listed below.  Even if you aren't ready to sell or buy a house, we encourage you to check out these worthy causes.

Where we give - Community housing network logo

Community Housing Network is a nonprofit organization committed to providing homes for people in need through proven strategies of homelessness prevention, housing assistance and development, community education and referral, advocacy, and additional services. We carry out our work in Southeast Michigan.

Where We Give - Critical Needs FundOur Critical Needs Fund helps fill the gaps that can’t be met through any other funding.100% of the donations to this fund are used to provide for the unmet needs of the people we serve.

There is no funding for expenses such as security deposits and obtaining proof of identity, both of which are required to sign a lease. Once participants move in, few have the essential items most of us take for granted that make a house a home including furnituredishescookware, and utensils; small appliances; and personal care and cleaning products. Many people rely on the bus system as their primary means of transportation, and often don’t have bus fare.

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At Humble Design, we believe in restoring dignity to every family that has suffered through homelessness. We use donated household goods to transform empty houses for the recently homeless, into warm, welcoming and uplifting homes, that lead to successful lives.

It is our mission to ensure that those who have struggled with homelessness, now have a beautiful and inspiring home to restart their life.

Where we give - Before and after photo of Humble Design's work